How to Improve Branding and Profits With Search Engine Optimization

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is quickly becoming a staple in any successful company’s marketing plan. Almost 90% of consumers start by looking online to research purchases. About 93% of those 90% of consumers go to a search engine. Of those 93% of consumers shopping on a search engine, 80% will ignore the paid ads. About 75% will never look at a search result pass the first page. In other words, for a business to reach the overwhelming majority of consumers who research purchases via search engine, they need to make sure they are on the first page of organic Google search results.

Since most businesses do not have the resources to support their own SEO team in-house, many small businesses turn to outsourced SEO reseller programs to optimize their search engine ranking. An SEO reseller connects businesses with SEO services that a third-party firm provides. If this is a solution that your businesses considering, you should understand how to profit with an SEO reseller before diving in.

How to Profit With an SEO Reseller

What an SEO Reseller Does
The first step in learning how to profit with an SEO reseller is understanding the scope of what a reseller should do for your business:

  • Plan Development. Your SEO reseller should extensively review your website, your domain structure, and your search engine health to develop a strategy for improving your web presence.
  • SEO Implementation. After you’ve created a strong SEO approach, your reseller should be by your side as the plan is put in place. This should include content development, link building (both on-site and off-site), and ongoing management of your SEO.
  • Reporting and Review. Your reseller should provide you with a real-time dashboard that tracks your site’s traffic, search engine ranking and your conversion rate. This helps you measure progress and identify successful strategies.

Finding the Right SEO Reseller
The most important factor when determining how to profit within SEO reseller is making sure that you find a reseller who is right for your business. A few considerations you should take include:

  • Experience in your market. Understanding the nuances of your particular business will enable your reseller to find strategies that are effective. You might find it a conflict of interest for your SEO reseller to also work on marketing for your direct competitor, but you should at least make sure they are familiar with your type of business. For example, if you work in a heavily regulated field, it might be beneficial to use a reseller who has experience with legal, medical, or utility businesses. If you own a coffee shop, that reseller may not be the best match for you.
  • Customer satisfaction levels. You should ask a potential reseller for referrals from past and current clients that they work with. In order to get an unbiased review, you could also look on third-party review sites to get an idea of good resellers to work with, and who you should avoid.
  • Comprehensive overview of services. Your SEO reseller should be able to explain to you exactly what your money gets you. It’s a great sign if they come to your initial meeting with research on your business and sample reports. Bonus points if they show you a live demo of their system, so that you really understand the SEO services you would be getting.