How to Seal a Travertine Paver – DIY Home Ideas

In this Youtube video it will show you how you can protect a paver made of travertine. Travertine can be used to make a pool deck. But, it is important to care for it to ensure security and for proper use.

This video guides you on how to seal travertine as well as paver stones. The process begins with a coating process , then nano slip beads are added over the top. Nanobeads for this purpose are created by the company and they are better than all other over-the-counter items. The most durable part is the coating and sealer said the expert. These are the two most basic steps to keep decks in good condition and to prevent slippage.

You can safeguard your travertine pool deck by sealing it or coat it. A layer of protection to the deck keeps it in good state. Swimming decks are not an inexpensive addition to any home. You can make your deck last for longer by protecting it. sv3g3upkrc.


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