What Are Interest Groups and Lobbyists? – Law Terminology


Interest groups are made up made up of people that have come together because they have common objectives, and they attempt for government back. There are many interest groups. It is possible that you are already familiar with NAACP who fight for African Americans’ rights and the AARP to assist retired persons. There are three main roles that interest groups play in the legislative sphere of the federal government.

1. They are the voice of concerns and opinions of their community to the policymakers and public.

2. They want Congress to make laws advantageous to the companies they represent.

3. They support and fund the political parties that show they support their mission as well as their interests.

The way that interest groups operate is that, while governments may want to listen to and respond to individual’s needs, they are far more likely to be able to address the demands and concerns of a large group that is working together.


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