Dos and Donts for Selling Jewelry – Shopping Magazine

They will make money online by selling jewellery. In the video to the right of this post will give more light. This is how it should be handled. They should be honest! Although they may think that stones are worth more than it really does, or other embellishment makes the piece appear better than what it really does, they need to not lie about what they know. Vendors must ascertain that they are not damaged or tarnished or damaged. When selling jewelry, sellers must make sure that it’s clean and in good condition. A soiled necklace is not the type of thing anyone wants.

Here are some things to avoid doing. Don’t price gouge on estate pieces! When anyone inquires about something that is for sale, the vendor must respond with respect and show a genuine connection to the story behind the work.No would want to treated with disrespect when they are making an acquisition.

It’s unacceptable for vendors to lie about the amount of time a piece has been worn. Vendors should always reveal how they have used the item worn or utilized so that the public understands what they are getting into. Call home for more information.



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