How Does Window Tinting Work? – Daves Auto Glass Repair


There are many reasons why tinting your windows is necessary. Tinting windows is an easy way for car owners to guard their privacy and increase security. Certain tinted windows safeguard their car from UV harm and also to cut down on temperature buildup.

How to Shape The Film

In advance of applying tint, it is recommended that it is recommended to spray the window with soapy water. The film can glide over the surface because of this. Once it’s tucked into the bottom side of the glass, the tint film will be cut into the form of the window with an edge made of stainless steel to avoid scratching.

How to shrink the film

If the film that remains is taken off, you can use an air-dryer or a squeeze-brush on the tint. The first reduces the film. It then smooths it in order to get rid of air bubbles.

Film Installation

After the tint has been cut to the required size The edges are then removed. The interior of the window is cleaned so as to lessen any imperfections within the tint. For the final installation the film as well as windows are cleaned using soapy water.



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