What is Medical Malpractice? – Southwest Finger Lakes Crime Stoppers

doctors cause harm to their patients. If patients are injured through the negligence of a doctor, or in some way, they can declare medical malpractice. This article will examine all of the information in this post.

If a patient is to be successful in any malpractice claim, they must demonstrate a few things to the court. One thing they have to prove is they owed the doctor obligations of care. This simply means that the patient sought a doctor because of any medical issue. The physician may have performed the treatment in a way that was not favorable or recommended something that may cause harm.

Medical malpractice is a major issue that doctors face. Due to this that many doctors carry malpractice insurance. It protects doctors in case they make mistakes or get found guilty of negligence.

It is the doctor’s duty to safeguard us but they can make mistakes. In the event that the doctor is negligent and the patient is hurt the malpractice could be present.



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