Everything You Need to Know About Awnings – Outdoor Family Portraits


on to any home. The options are endless for the awnings you can put. We will cover all that you require to know about the awnings we will cover in this article.

Before purchasing your awning you must take into account the purpose it serves. You can install an awning on a wide range of sites such as commercial and residential construction sites. Awnings can be used to shade the sun and protect furniture on your patio.

A retractable awning is type of awning that you take apart and keep whenever not being used. They are a little more expensive than fixed awnings but will have a shorter lifespan.

Fixed awnings aren’t foldable down. They are the most durable option, however, as they can’t be rolled up they are more prone to damage by winds and other extreme weather.

If you’re choosing your awning, besides the design of the awning is ideal for you, you should consider the fabric. Most popular are cotton, polyester, and wood.



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