What Are Pallets and Skids? – J Search

A professional will go over pallets and what makes them different from skids. Finding the best skid pallets for your firm is a goal that many companies strive for, so it’s important for you to determine the ideal one prior to purchasing large quantities of them.

The main difference between a pallet and skid is that a pal is decked with a bottom board and skids do not have this bottom deck board. With the exception of this small difference both are quite similar and function well. Skids with no bottom deck boards won’t have enough space to allow their bottoms to be able to sit on other equipment. This could be a problem for products of differing sizes and shapes so it may not be a good fit for your company. Keep this in mind while choosing which skids you’d like buy.

Check out this whole video to learn all about skids and pallets as well as learn what one is the most suitable for your company. Both can be great storage solutions But which one is the best for your items?



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