How Auto Glass Tinting Is Added to a Car – 1302 Super

tinting to a vehicle provides security, UV protectionand also aesthetic appeal. The tinting process can be done at home, or hire professionals. Here’s how the process of adding tinting to a window operates.

The film needs to be cut in the proper size. The film is then applied onto the windows of the car using soapy water. The stainless steel blade then used to trim away the excess film, and an electric heat gun and squeegee are used to shrink this film to its appropriate dimensions.

The film can be placed onto a pegboard in order to take away all edges. To avoid dirt and other defects, it’s important to wipe the windows. To take off stubborn objects, you can use the razor blade, along with soap and water.

Once the window is washed and dried soapy water is sprayed on it. The film is taken off of the peel board. After the film has dried, it is placed onto the window , and after that the soapy water can be pulled out of the glass using a squeezer.

After repeating this process on every window, your car will appear perfectly tinted.



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