Pricing Information for Cell Tower Rooftop Leases – Sales Planet

ellular infrastructure. This provides building owners with an interesting real estate opportunity that doesn’t present much hassle. The presenter provides some insight on typical rates for rooftop leases for mobile equipment.

The presenter starts with an explanation of why, in a counterintuitive way, rooftops can provide an advantage over cell towers. In fact, many carriers are starting to shift away from traditional towers. Cell towers can be permanent and expensive, when compared to a rooftop lease that offers more flexibility and is cost effective. This is something that building homeowners should know in the event that carriers are trying to cut the price because they aren’t an offer for the top of a tower. Unlike with towers, rooftop owners usually bargain directly with carriers.

Although the appropriate rate to lease a site could exceed a few thousands of dollars per month, it is contingent on a variety of variables, like how is the area as well as the area of coverage available through the network, and any other rooftops that the service provider could make use of. Contacting Tower Genius through the website or telephone number mentioned that is shown in the video, a prospective leasee can obtain an opinion from an expert on the cost to be charged for a proposed wireless infrastructure.



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