What Happens When You’re in a Car Accident but No Damage Occurs to the Vehicle

Car accident but no damage

Some symptoms and signs may appear hours, or even weeks after the accident. This includes bruises, headaches and swelling in addition to numbness tension in joints, and hairline fractures. Therefore, you need an experienced medical professional to assess you as soon as possible, as untreated accident injuries are likely to get worse.

Another advantage of seeking medical assistance is that it helps support your claim. It’s possible to show that you suffered injuries, or your vehicle was damaged, even though there’s not any damage. A doctor’s note and their witness testimony is sufficient to justify your claim.

Call Your Car Insurance Company

Perhaps you aren’t compelled to make a claim when there is an incident that does not result in any damage to your car. In addition, the other driver – even if they’re the one to blame – may convince you to take a cash deal with no insurance providers involved. Furthermore, you may not want to contact your insurance company when you’re at fault. However, despite all these reasons, it’s always a best practice to contact your insurance company.

If there’s no evidence of injury, your car could still develop issues later from the collision. Such issues may make it difficult to file an insurance claim, if the incident isn’t disclosed.

It’s recommended you keep in touch with your automobile insurance provider that you’re blamed in an accident. This is particularly true when the other driver makes any claim against you. You can also file a claim for any damages you’ve suffered, which are included in no-fault coverage in certain states.

Take Your Car in the shop

In the event that your car was unharmed in an accidentyou must nevertheless take it to an auto repair shop. Even if there is no accident damage to your vehicle it could have suffered issues that will come up later on.

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