Questions About Occupational Therapy – Biology of Aging

To help disabled, sick injured or disabled people occupational therapists help them learn the skills needed to complete everyday tasks.

Adults, senior citizens, and children adults can be helped with their motor skills such as picking up and feeding themselves. They can also help with dressing and mobility. They support patients who’ve suffered injuries or had operations heal with exercises in cognitive therapy, exercises, and learning to regain skills that might have gone away. They help people handicapped learn to cook or use their motor skills to make it to school.

An occupational therapist may help children who are suffering from sensory or motor issues. They often work with autistic kids who have been identified by their doctor and directed to them. They can’t diagnose a condition. Individuals suffering from brain injuries, ADD and other genetic conditions are served by them. The service they offer is to people who are suffering from diseases surgical procedures, brain injuries or other disabilities that affect motor and speech skills as well as daily activities that will assist them to improve their independence. flohxnb48c.


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