Watch Out for Auto Body Shop Scams – Car Talk Podcast

The vehicle will have to be transported to a paint shop and body shop. But, once the trucks show up, you shouldn’t allow them to choose the collision shop to bring it to. It’s crucial to have an auto body establishment in mind in order you don’t get conned. It is likely that the driver of your tow truck is connected to a specific establishment. He or she will get compensation for taking your vehicle there. In this short video, you can learn to steer clear of fake shops, so that you can have the most pleasant experience.

In the clip, it’s important to study your options before time. Also save your address as well as the name of the preferred shop for your body. So, should you get an accident, you’ll know how to direct the towing company to your specific shop instead of hoping for the highest quality. This video gives tips on how to do your research and find the best body shop. If possible, go through past jobs and record the tools used. Sites for review can be helpful. z81u9ex7lj.


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