Understanding the Basics of Auto Body Repair – Car Dealer A

The video is intended to be watched by an extensive population of people in the automobile car body maintenance. Auto Body Training Solutions travels to auto repair shops for technical education to technicians.
The video is focused on hardening sheet metal. It walks through a step-by-step process with visuals that will help viewers understand the proper way to deal with the work of hardening sheet metal. This video is a great resource for any automobile body shop.
The film identifies the causes of dents and outlines common mistakes in fixing them. Different types of dents require an entirely different method of hardening. This video teaches you the best way to stay clear of making errors as well as what they do to the final result.
Learn how to work out the strain in sheet metal and not make the process of hardening more difficult. The series also includes videos on tool selection, and the best way to take out different types of dent. The video is available for more details on how to identify dents, as well as the mistakes you must not make while working on dents. zte9j1je3k.


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