Preparing Your Home for a Tornado – Discovery Videos

Find secure areas within your home that you can shelter from a tornado. This could be the basement. Ideally, the basement is narrow and without windows. This is because even F1 tornados can easily damage windows. Also, you can build the shelters for residential tornadoes under your home. Underground bunkers usually have toilets.

Basements or bunkers need to be equipped with all the necessary supplies to be prepared in the event that you and/or your loved ones need to live there for a few days. Make sure you have enough water in bottles to last for 3 days for each person in the family, including pets. Have a stock of medications and a first-aid kit ready. Keep blankets, bandages and pet bedding. Keep it stocked with food that do not require be cooked, such as peanut butter and canned fruits. Don’t store food in glass , as it may break when a tornado strikes your shelter.

You can be prepared to deal with the most severe weather. The possibility of a tornado can strike in any moment, however they’re rarely predictable. With shelter in place it is important to be aware which shelters are available in your community in case the damage to your home makes it unsafe for you to stay in. ssaiardg3j.


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