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The heater in your er can be something that you forget of until it malfunctions. The experience can be very frustrating but it can also be an opportunity to upgrade to a better model. Read on to find out how you can choose the most efficient water heater for your house.

If it’s about fuel type you have four choices: gas, electric, liquid propane, and hybrid electric models.

Gas systems are lowest priced and won’t experience power failures. Gas systems, however, must be vented outdoors.

Electric systems are the easiest to maintain and also heat the water in a short time. They do not need venting to the outside like gas heaters.

Another alternative is liquid propane. The systems that use liquid propane are not dependent on power disruptions, and they heat more water per hour than standard electrical models.

Hybrid electric appliances are the final option. While these units are a larger investment initially, they can provide faster heating than other models , and they’re more economical.

Learn from the video what you need to know about choosing the ideal water heater to your house.



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