What Happens at a Crematorium? – Source and Resource


How does a crematorium work? In this piece, we are going to take a look at the processes.

First, remove any hearing aids and pacemakers from the body. The body is likely to undergo extreme temperatures and devices that go through the process could result in them exploding.

When the body is prepared, they are put in coffins, which are then taken to the crematorium. Crematorium functions similarly to an oven. It can stand up to high temperatures.

After the coffin has been sealed, the body can be taken in the coffin. The body then will burn with ashes, and then be buried after the chamber is closed. The ashes can then be collected and handed to family members to keep or be released as they would like.

For people to take the remains of their loved one’s body in the in the form of ashes the body needs to be buried in cremation.



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