What Happens During an Eye Exam – Health and Fitness Magazine

Do you need an eye examination? The video below shows one kid visiting an eye doctor. The video also shows the transpires.

The doctor first measures the eyes. Doctors use an instrument which the patient gazes at. If the patient’s gaze is fixed at a distant object and the doctor is able to get an accurate reading.

The patient is then moved into the chair to undergo further testing. The doctors ask the patient if there are issues in their eyesight. A test of the eyes will be carried out. In the final phase, it is necessary testing both eyes. The physician can see what the visual differences are between both eyes, and how the eye works together.

The doctor can also conduct closeup vision tests and reading tests. The eye muscles are then tested to see how good the reflexes and movement of the eyes are. The next step is to assess depth perception using specially designed glasses that are similar in design to 3D glasses.

To find out more about eye exams, look up the video in the link below.



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