Everything You Should Know About Spray Foam Insulations – UNM Continuing Education


Do you want to do an installation of spray foam independently within your house? Spray foam insulations offer a simple way to add insulation to any part of your garage, house or shed which isn’t coated. This video will show you how you can use spray foam insulation inside a room.

There are certain requirements you have to adhere to when working on this project. The temperature of the space and the spray foam might affect the project just a some. Make sure the foam you spray is at an appropriate temperature to ensure your project turns out well. It is also essential to use all the necessary equipment needed to complete this task. It is essential to use safety gear so that your eyes or skin do not come in contact with the foam spray because it could be hazardous to you.

Watch this entire video for more information about spray foam insulation, and how you can insulate an portion of your house using this technique.



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