What You Need to Know About Community Health Centers – Free Health Videos

Teres play an important role in providing health care to everyone, regardless if they are uninsured and/or not able to pay. This YouTube video “What’s a Community Health Center?” explains the history of these centers and how they have become integral to American local communities.

In the mid-1960s, the first community health clinics, also known as neighborhood health clinics, were established. Medical professionals and doctors with good intentions founded them to provide free or low-cost health care to those living in communities with restricted or even no access to it.

Community health centers initially set up to provide general health services, they’ve in the past expanded their services to manage chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and HIV/AIDs. A lot of community health facilities include other health specialists aside from nurses and physicians and dentists. These include psychiatrists, laboratory and medical testing experts.

As well as offering health services as well, they also create jobs for their communities of origin. located within. They are also overseen by community boards and get funding from both private and governmental sources.



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