How to Stay Safe When Using an Extension Cord – DIY Projects for Home

Extension cords Read on to learn how extension cords can help you stay safe.

To ensure safety when you use extension cords, don’t use them to full. While there’s plenty of outlets inside the extension cord does necessarily mean you need to completely fill them up.

Second, make sure cords don’t dangle. If you have extension cords hanging, they pose an accident hazard. If an extension cord gets unintentionally hit the wall, it could fall off the wall. You can avoid this from making sure the extension cords are kept clean.

The 3rd extension cord safety advice is to not connect one extension cord to another. The circuits could be overloaded and cords by connecting one extension cord to another. This could start fires or cause additional damage to your property.

It is not recommended to plug a 3 prong extension cord into a 2-hole outlet. Only 3-prong items should be connected to three-prong outlet or three-hole extension cables.

Take a look at the video below to find out more!



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