How Parking Lot Line Stripes Are Painted – Auto Trader California

G lines are a cost-saving way to improve the safety and look of your home. In order to paint your parking lines, all you have to do is paint and an equipment for striping. The method is as follows.
There are two possible options to create new lines in the parking lot. The other is by using a paint roller with a diameter of 4 inches, as well as manually painting over an already drawn chalk mark line. It is advised to use the best quality traffic paint to ensure longevity.
Another option is to use one of the line machines for parking lots that will take away any hassle, and also make your line appear cleaner. These lines can be laid on any asphalt or concrete surfaces and come in different sizes depending on the marking you’re planning to do.
What you’ll require for painting a parking lot line stripe includes an unpainted chalk line, measuring tape, buckets filled with high-end road paints, traffic cones, tools and caution tape, a variety of parking lot stencils and an eight-inch roller or line-striping tool.
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