What You Didnt Know About Pipe Flanges – Discovery Videos

Your piping system. They function as a mechanical and hydraulic seal in the junction in between pipes. Pipe flanges allow fluids to be transported from one location to the other without leaching. Videos “Piping Flange Types , Faces, and Surfaces Explained” Different pipes flanges and faces as well as surface types are demonstrated.

Flanges could be defined as single-piece pieces of metal connecting two pipes. Flanges may be made from cast iron, casting metal malleable, or ductile. There is also the possibility of making pipe flanges out of stainless steel. You can find many types of flanges, with various faces and dimensions.

Butt welding combines two flat surfaces , and makes them sealable by applying heat and pressure. It is also known as socket welding. It is the process of welding , and then assembling the two surfaces. It also requires an additional part known as the socket. A socket is a fitting that is able to be put to the pipe. It allows for the construction of a flange connection around it. Threaded flanges can be an alternative to welded joint flanges. They connect straight pipes. Prior to choosing pipe flanges you should consider the purpose and your project budget for the ideal choice that meets your needs.



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