What Do Metal Recycling Companies Do? – Morgantown WV Business News

There are numerous ut-metal recycle companies. What do they do? Appliances that are large like refrigerators are usually taken to recycling firms that are able to recycle them. Each year more than 2 million refrigerators can be recycled. Then, they overflowed landfills, and also, the refrigerators released harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil. They are now being recycled.

When companies that recycle metals acquire items like refrigerators, they’re brought in by large trucks on a daily basis. These trucks will bring large amounts of fridges to each load. The fridges are loaded onto conveyor belts, and workers are able to cut into the components of the fridge and remove the door to eliminate loose shelving. They get rid of the compressor in the refrigerator. The refrigerators are then moved to the automatic area of the line.

The fridges then are coated with liquid nitrogen in order to prevent blasts. The fridges move on to the grinder. This is going to crush the fridges to break them into small fragments. The cross-cut grinding reduces the size of fridges down to as small as 60 millimeters (for steel components) or as high as.02mm (for foam). These pieces are able to be recycled.



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