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Each septic cleaner has to be tested with cats’ food, oils papers, towels or toilet paper mixed with water. The cleaners are then permitted to work for 17 days.

However, while they are effective in certain ways, most septic tank cleaners were tested produced high water turbidity, such as the RidX, Cabin Obsession, and Green Gobbler brands. If you’re looking to maintain your septic system clear, a lower level of water turbidity would be perfect.

Green Pig is a top choice, as it kept the turbidity to a minimum. However, waste that’s not easily dissolved can lead to massive backups in tanks.

One of the top contenders will be one of FLUSH’s TIME brand. The brand FLUSH Time kept water turbidity at a low level and disintegrated a significant proportion of the water. The product also comes with convenient capsules that you can add to your septic system each month. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your septic tank will remain in good condition throughout the entire year. 2v1ems17h9.


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