The Reseller SEO Plays a Part in the Almost 40 percent Website Traffic Coming from Natural Links

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SEO is very important for website owners since 79 percent of all the people that search for things online say they almost always click on the links for the natural search results. 80 percent of searchers never click on sponsored ads though. A good 75 percent of internet searchers say they never go past the first page of the SERP (search engine result page) so website owners compete for the first page coveted position. Search engine optimization is a very strong tool to use for selling things online. Online marketing is the main goal for someone who is a reseller SEO. Someone who is a reseller SEO knows that when their clients purchase Seo reseller plans and pacakges from them they can enjoy a 14.6 percent close rate. That is pretty good when you consider that direct mail advertising and print advertising only has about a 1.7 percent close rate.

Another interesting fact is that online retailers and service providers have learned that a good 39 percent of the people who arrive at their website do so because of doing an internet search. The reseller SEO plays a part in that statistic. That is another reason why the reseller SEO can get SEO customers. The reseller SEO is in a good position to profit even more by reselling search engine optimization services. By the year 2016 the Forrester Research group says they expect that retail sales are going to increase by 2 percent . That may sound like a small amount, but with millions of users online everyday looking for things to buy, the Seo reseller is going to be helping businesses reach that goal.

One of the best ways to make money online today is to become a reseller SEO. If you can sign up to be a white label reseller SEO you will be in a good position to grow your own business. The reseller SEO can own and operate other businesses at the same time. For instance, the reseller SEO can also resell web hosting, web design, email marketing, social media services and a plethora of other online services that website owners need in order to get more and more visitors to their websites each day.


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