How to Make Your Own Sterling Silver Bangles – Loyalty Driver

Bangles made from sterling silver are a iconic piece of handcrafted jewelry. It is easy to make stunning Bangles when the equipment you need is being handled by an expert silversmith.

Silver bangles start as pieces of silver which are cut into rods. Silversmiths then hammer the rods into the correct thickness and length. The silversmiths with the ability of eliminating oxidation of silver through cooling it in acidic water are the most effective. The video will show you how mix warm water and chemicals from the pool in order to create the perfect solution.

Once the material has been cleaned, it is then made into a shape. In the video, the silversmith smashes silver rods in order to make the texture, and then shapes it. When it’s in the correct shape and she has it soldered by using silver solder. In order to make the seam less obvious, she file it , then sands it.

When the bangle has been made, it’s now an opportunity to polish its look. The silversmith must go back through the steps until the bangle has been perfect. w6ovymdduo.


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